Booth Renting vs. Commission vs. Hourly wage

Whether you have been a booth renter before or are just considering it, please review the following information so that you can decide if this is the right option and location for you.

Hourly wage is perfect for someone who is new to the industry. This option provides the salon owner with an employee that is flexible enough to do different jobs around the shop, while allowing him/her time to building up their clientele. When you consistently begin to bring in enough revenue to exceed your hourly wage, it's time to move on to commission. 

Commission is when the salon takes a percentage of your service income (usually around 40 to 50%) in trade for providing the work space, products, advertisement, etc. The salon will usually control the prices, hours and chemical brands used, for stylists on commission. 

Booth Renting is another option, but should be considered carefully. If you possess the qualities outlined below, then booth renting just might be for you!


 * have been a cosmetologist for at least two years in the state of NH

* have enough of a loyal client following to provide you with enough revenue to pay your expenses and provide you with an income 

* are a "self-starter" with enough discipline to maintain all aspects of owning your own business, such as booking/rescheduling appointments, advertising, keeping track of income/accounts payable and inventory

* want the freedom to come and go as you please

* would like to decide which brand of products to use when providing a service

* would like to decide the value of each service offered

* would like to get away from the constant "micro-management" at your current workplace

* would like to work in a "drama free" environment, where everybody is responsible for their own success

* are able to uphold a professional appearance both physically and verbally and are able to keep your personal drama

out of the salon

* have the ability to respectfully get along with others

Then you are exactly who we are looking for!


  * Individual work station and sink

 * Locking equipment trolley (no more

"borrowing" when you are not there)

* Locking cabinet at our "Color Bar"

( more "borrowing")

* Towel service

  * Cable television in reception area

  * Private Internet connection

* Shelving at your work station so that

you may sell your own retail products,

while gaining further revenue

* Your profile on our website with a

direct link to your service menu,

client before and after photos, etc.

* A clean professional environment for

you and your clients

* Convenient Rt. 1 location, central to

Rye, Greenland, North Hampton and


 * Welcome kit containing:

Starter SALON 1247 business cards

and post cards to announce your

new location